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Flexitank Services

We make opportunities move forward
You'll find no better fit than TIL Logistics. We provide cost-effective
solutions so you can get the best service possible when transporting
bulk liquids. For more information about how we fit flexitanks, watch
our video below. 

The specialists in fitting and transporting
Choose TIL Logistics for your one and only flexitank specialist. We bring
simplicity and knowledge to make sure your freight forwarding needs are met,
and the process is easy and enjoyable every step of the way. 
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Quality service with maximum results
All empty containers are collected from the nominated container parks and transported to our depot. Each container is double-checked to ensure they are suitable for flexitank carriage.

Some of our flexitanks on offer include: 
E-Flex: Holds 12,000 - 26,000 litres 
H-Flex: Integrated heat system of max 90
T-Flex: -50 to 70 temperature range 
Packed and prepared for you 
New generation flexitank technology has two tanks (a bottom and 
a top tank) which are separated by baffles, meaning less liquid movement inside the shipping container. TIL has made sure that the new generation flexitanks work seamlessly when transported, and have been supported by truck drivers who find driving hassle-free when carrying flexitanks.
At TIL Logistics, we have made it our responsibility to give our customers the best advice when it comes to finding the right flexitank and a multitude of experience to ensure safe and risk-free transportation. When you choose the team at til, you are selecting the
highest quality and 21st-century technology.
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